Robert Cray cuts JP song:

Grammy blues artist Robert Cray’s new upcoming CD, “In My Soul,features “I Guess I’ll Never Know,” co written by Rick Whitfield, Jeff Paris, and Les Falconer.

Check it out on Robert’s site:


Swedish rock guitar god Tommy Denander has released his band RadioActive’s “Legacy” Box Set featuring Jeff on four cuts and one cowrite: “The Story of Love,” “Juliet” (by Tommy & Jeff), “Sinner,” & “The Darkness Inside.”

Here’s Tommy’s site:


Jeff and Nia Peeples:

In ’88, while Jeff was a staff songwriter at PolyGram Music, his rep, the brilliant Cherie Fonarow, scheduled him to write with singer/actress Nia Peeples, then on TVs “Fame,” and, like JP, signed to PolyGram working on her album. They wrote “I Know How (To Make You Love Me),” which featured rapper Kurtis Blow in one of the first rap/pop mashups.


Nia is now on “Pretty Little Liars” as Pam Fields, following an amazing body of work including the killer “Return To Lonesome Dove.” And again, 26 years later, Cherie Fonarow has put them together again. The upshot: “I’ll Let You Go,” a beautiful, heartbreaking slow jam, still in production. Stay tuned.


Blanca White:

Jeff is again a featured vocalist on the upcoming Blanca White CD, the brainchild of international corporate attorney/rocker Ken Savage and Austin, Tx muso Austin Schell. The songs so far: “Office Babes” and “The Bomba Shack.” Here’s the site:


Keb Mo:

Jeff cut keyboard tracks in Nashville last May with Keb Mo for his upcoming CD “BluesAmericana” dropping in April.


E. Lansing Indie Blues Artist Greg Nagy cut Jeff and Rick Whitfield’s “Stranded” a half hour after he heard it on the way to a tracking date. Here’s Greg’s site: